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most of the talking. bianna golodryga is playing hurt this morning. >> i've been sick the past couple of weeks. and my voice gave on me this morning. i don't have the flu, though. the number one rule, you stay home if you have the flu. >> there may be times this morning when you see bianna's mouth moving. but you hear ron claiborne's voice. if you see that happen, don't adjust the dial. >> this is what happens when you have a 9-month-old. you're sick all the time. >> we admire you playing hurt. and speaking of illness, this, on a very serious note is turning into a nasty flu season. the cdc saying there's widespread outbreaks practically everywhere in america. new numbers this morning. we're going to have practical advice for you from dr. jen ashton. >> not just the flu. but the whooping cough, as well. >>> this morning, mystery solved. we track down the man in the newly-discovered photo of young princess diana. the photo that was never supposed to be public. everybody's talk about this picture in the last couple days. >>> and true grit. the college football player who kept on playing
interviews. >> reporter: it certainly was. good morning, bianna. over the course of two nights there was plenty of evidence that armstrong's ability to lie is almost certainly still on display. but there was one moment when the person behind the attitude and the image broke through. >> incredible. unbelievable. >> reporter: when you peel away all the lies, the cheating, the cover-ups and bullying, lance armstrong is also a father. and that side to this complicated and deeply-flawed man revealed the betrayal to his family. >> when this all really started, i saw my son defending me and saying, that's not true. what you're saying about my dad is not true. i told luke, i said -- i said, don't defend me anymore. >> reporter: it was a painful glimpse into a man who apologized repeatedly for his big lie. and yet, somehow feels that his lifetime sporting ban is unfair. never mind the fact that he ignored fair play at every turn. >> i deserve to be punished. i'm not sure that i deserve a death penalty. if you're asking me, do i want to compete again? and answer is, hell, yeah. i'm a com
." the president said "the attack is a reminder of the threat posed by al qaeda in africa," which clearly bianna and dan becomes a new and dangerous front in the battle against a terror group that found a new place to kill innocent americans. >> a lot waking up to this. brian, thank you for your reporting this morning. >>> now that the fatal finale of this is behind us, the survivors aree telling us about bombs strapped around necks thrown to hospitals across europe one in southern italy where abc's nick schifrin is this morning. nick, good morning. >> reporter: survivors suffered through four days of sheer terror and some are just beginning to recuperate at this nato base. they were beaten, tied up and saw their colleagues executed. the survivors are shocked and shaken. >> it happened so fast. >> reporter: they witnessed horrifying scenes and had to walk past their dead colleagues' bodies. and one foreigner was used as bait to lure his co-workers out before being shot. steven mcfall had his mouth taped and had to wear explosives taped to his chest. others like mark grant hid for 80 hours and sc
this morning that a movie deal about his epic fall is now in the works. quite a story, dan and bianna. >> apparently j.j. abrams looking into making that movie. thank you, neal karlinsky, who has been covering this story for years. >>> with us, now, one of lance armstrong's former teammates and friends, tyler hamilton, who himself has admitted doping. he wrote a book about it, called "the secret race." tyler, good morning. thank you for coming in. we really appreciate it. you saw lance get emotional in that interview. do you buy it? >> it's a first step. it's a first step. he's coming clean. he's telling the story that he has taken performance-enhancing drugs. >> do you think it was genuine emotion that we saw? >> i think so. it's new for him. it's a new process. i went through the same process on a much smaller scale. you know, it's going to get easier for him. i think he's going to open up even much more. you know, i think we saw a lot of the truths. maybe not the whole truth. >> telling his son to stop defending him now. 13-year-old son. was that real emotion? you've known him for
turn mr. ron claiborne for that. >> good morning, dan and bianna. we'll begin with the frightening scene in a movie theater in san diego. another shooting just six months after the tragedy in colorado but this time it was the police doing the shooting. >>> i heard two shots, and i went to the floor. >> reporter: the audience at this san diego movie theater were there to see "les miserables" but instead, an intense real-life standoff played out before their eyes. >> we all got on the floor and then started heading for the exits. >> reporter: the dramatic ordeal began at 2:10 in the afternoon at a nearby marie callender's restaurant. a man with a history of domestic violence attempted to abduct his girlfriend at gunpoint. she escaped. and called the police and then the hunt began. >> he was armed with what is described as a handgun. >> reporter: 20 minutes later half a mile away a matinee for "les mis" was set to begin and the gunman managed to slip into the audience hiding among unknowing filmgoers in plain sight, but with the entire shopping complex on lockdown, the projector stopp
, let's go to ron claiborne with a check of the other stories developing. >> hello, bianna, dan. good morning, everyone. >>> we begin with new evidence that north korea is moving closer to another nuclear test. north korean leader kim jong-un is vowing to take in his words substantial and high-profile action in response to new u.n. sanctions over the over last month's rocket launch by the north. the north has already warned it is preparing to launch more rockets capable of reaching the u.s. and is planning to conduct its third nuclear test. >>> the united states has agreed to offer logistical support to france in its fight against al qaeda extremists in the african nation of mali. the u.s. military will provide refueling tankers to the french that they requested and fly in troops from other african countries. on saturday french troops scored a key strategic victory taking control of a crucial airport and bridge in mali. >>> and casey anthony is back in the headlines, the woman acquitted of killing her daughter is now filing for bankruptcy protection in florida because of her long and
up in the nation's weather but for now back to dan and bianna. >> ginger, thank you. once again happy birthday. >>> the latest on the deadly flu epidemic. those who haven't received their flu shot could get shut out. the vaccine is in low supply and the outbreak to so bad people are now going to great lengths to avoid getting sick. john schriffen is here. good morning, john. >> reporter: bianna, good morning. waiting inside an emergency room is probably one of the last places where people would like to spend their weekend. that's why many in the country are taking extra precautions to avoid the flu especially before heading out into a popular public place. ♪ this morning, churchgoers across the country may have one extra pit stop on their way to the pulpit. many churches like this one in upstate new york hope to ward off the flu epidemic by installing hand sanitizers cleaning the nurseries sen wiping doors between each service. >> normally be door handles and those type of things might be cleaned once a week. they are now being cleaned daily. >> reporter: this just one of many preca
>>> hey, good morning, everybody. bianna is a little under the weather but we are happy to have paula faris here in for bianna this morning. gives us a chance to say faris and harris. >> just to confuse people i have a brother named dan but we do hope that bianna returns quickly. >> we've never actually been in the same room. we are wishing bianna all the best. we do have a big show. vacation is over for the president. he comes back to washington with a pile of decisions to make including new defense and treasury secretaries, george stephanopoulos is here to talk about new attempts apparently to take on the nra by the obama administration. >> plus, the search for a missing fashion executive and his wife. vittoria missoni vanished when a small plane carrying six people disappeared off the coast of venezuela. that should be familiar if you shop at target. >> a lot get obsessed with target when they teamed up with target. in terms of college football, the championship game, notre dame against 'bama. >> our josh elliott is in miami covering the hope up to tomorrow night's game. don'
to go. dan? bianna? >> it's not too late to get your flu shot right now. >>> and our senior medical contributor, dr. jennifer ashton is here, to talk about alternative treatments for people suffering with the flu. you're a western-trained physician. but you believe that alternative medicines actually help. >> i do. and in a real world you integrate with traditional medicines to complementary medicine. this is not a substitute for traditional medicine. it's in addition to. >> it looks like you have a war chest right there. walk us through. this is tumeric. >> this is called indian cold. this is what gives curry the yellow flavor. has been studied and found to have really strong antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. i add this to my eggs. but you can add it to soup, too. >> for years, we've been hearing about zinc and how effective zinc can be. >> most people take zinc when they feel the common cold coming on. much better for the cold than the flu. you can take extra when you're six. you can shorten the duration of symptoms. do not use the nasal form. that can affect your sense of
leading up to the fiscal cliff, the average 401(k) losing 3,000 to $4,000 in this country. abc's bianna golodryga with the story of just one family and the huge tax increase, if congress doesn't figure this out. >> reporter: until there's an agreement, this what the martins from raytown, missouri, like so many middle class american families, face. a hefty spike in taxes. beau, a government contractor, and deanna, an office worker, make a combined income of about $60,000. without a deal, their income taxes will rise by roughly $2,400 a year. on top of that, like everyone else earning $110,000 or less, they'll pay higher payroll taxes to pay for social security. with or without a deal, those are set to go up across the board by 2%. and for the martins, that means they'll pay an additional $1,200 a year. income and payroll tax increases combined, the martins are looking at an additional $3,600 in 2013. and it doesn't stop there. without a deal, feeding their 2-month-old baby daughter, gracie, could cost the martins a lot more, too. every american faces the potential for a huge jump in milk
, gaining more than 308 points by closing time. and abc's bianna golodryga is here to tell us about american retirement accounts and if this bounce is expected to last. bianna? >> reporter: good evening, diane. as one trader just told me moments ago, there was a huge sigh of relief on wall street today. investors liking what they heard from washington overnight a lot. the dow jones up 300 points, the largest gain the market has seen in over a year. if you combine today's 300-plus jump with the additional 166 points from new year's eve, the blue chips had their biggest point gains ever for the last day and first day of any year. >> what we saw today was a relief rally, with the deal being done, the markets up, a sigh of relief. >> reporter: all 30 dow jones stocks were up and more than 90% of the s&p 500. the markets were optimistic that the economy wouldn't fall into recession after congress agreed to a deal that prevented most tax increases and postponed painful government spending cuts for another two months. big name stocks and technology companies, the engines that help fuel economic gro
's "good morning america" weekend anchor bianna golodryga tonight. >> it's what you wanted, it's what your gut, instincts wanted. >> reporter: in the new biopic, "jobs," ashton kutcher playing the role of steve jobs -- talking about instinct. knowing what the average american consumer needs and wants before they even know it. it's what helped jobs -- long after ascending to the top of his industry -- stay far ahead of the pack. but this week, a huge bit out of the once mighty apple. after soaring to a record stock price just four months ago, the tech giant has plunged nearly 40%. and tonight, apple has lost its venerable title as the world's most valuable company to exxon. why the recent slump? economists say for one, competitors like samsung, have upped their game. not out-inventing apple, but matching them, device for device. but the bigger threat, is the loss of steve jobs himself. it's been nearly a year and a half since the death of apple's founder and many worry that the company has lost its creative genius. >> apple was very much steve jobs. we saw apple lost its way in the 1980s af
from the x-games in aspen, colorado. hey, ginger. >> hey, bianna and dan. good morning, everybody. it's above freezing here. about 33. wanted to rub that in real quick. i it's been cold in the northeast. we start in kentucky where there were hundreds of crashing through tennessee. this video shows you just how bad it was. today, cold enough to keep that ice around. a lot of folks got a quarter-inch or so accumulating on cars, roads and power lines. and temperatures in the 20s for the most part. chicago finally did it. they got one inch of snow. actually 1.1 inches of snow. they hasn't done that for 335 days. we have a new storm to talk about, chicago. icing begins tomorrow. you could get up to a quarter-inch of ice. and that's part of the warm front from the great lakes and the northeast. buffalo and other parts going to get it. finally want to leave you with a look at the pacific northwest and the west because there is a storm coming in there. los angeles, up to a half-inch of rain. >> i know so many of us are just done with the cold. and i'll have some good news, with a little bit o
economic team for the second term. let's get more on that from abc's bianna golodryga and jon karl. and, bianna, that steady climb in the stock market is coming from good news on the economy. >> reporter: the markets are on fire, george. stocks up 120% since 2009. mutual funds had their best two weeks since 2000. and we're less than 200 points from that psychologically crucial 14,000 mark in the dow. the housing market is doing well. we found out that folks filing for unemployment claims was at its lowest level in five year. and there's a lot of momentum building here. >> sure is. and that comes, jon karl, as the president is filling out his economic team. two big appointments yesterday. and prosecutors for top economic jobs. >> reporter: for the consumers protection bureau and the securities and exchange commission. which for now would be headed by mary jo white. this is somebody that's prosecuted the gottis, the mob, and bin laden. a big terrorist prosecutor out of the southern district for new york. she will be signaling a tough, new approach to wall street. >> and this is the final
, bianna golodryga, is here to tell us where we stand. >> diane, i am feeling better. than i did a few months ago. over the past 12 months, we've average the 150,000 jobs each month. we'd like to see more than that. amongst economists, there's a sense momentum is on our side, and 2013 could see a continued recovery. with wall street capping off its first week of the new year with a bang, closing at a five-year high, and with that news today that, despite all the worry over washington and looming tax increases, december saw hiring, this year is off and running. last month's hiring was strong in health care and construction. digging into those numbers, we can now see some clear lines as to where the hot jobs of 2013 will be. topping the list -- home health care services, up 9% since 2010. 25-year-old tiffany fields started working as a home aide in april. in this economy, she never dreamt she'd find a job so quickly. >> i graduated and got a job. started making money. happy about that. >> reporter: also nurse practitioners will be in high demand as more americans gain health care coverag
right now. and bianna golodryga is at the smart screen to break it down. about 99% of americans protected from an increase. but most workers will take a hit. >> payroll taxes going up. this affects everyone making $110,000 or less. so, this year, anyone making $110,000 will pay an extra $2,200 in taxes. people making $50,000 will pay an extra $1,000. and someone making $20,000 a year will pay more $400 a year. >> but the burden falling on the top 1%. >> your typical hollywood movie star may be taking over $20 million in year. they'll pay $1 million in income taxes. we're talking about a lot of money. jay-z and beyonce earned close to $80 million last year. they're going to pay an additional $4 million in income taxes. >> one of the surprises. this deal is going to increase the deficit over the next ten years. but financial markets like what they see. >> markets like stability. they wanted some sort of resolve. that's why we saw the markets rally on monday, assuming we were going to have a deal. and overnight, they liked the news. big rally expected on wall street. we have the fi
overnight from "the wall street journal." in it, you can see and hear beyonce singing. abc's bianna golodryga has the story. ♪ the ramparts we watched >> reporter: was queen b. singing live? or going through the motions to a previously-recorded track? >> she is singing. you look at her mouth and her breathing, it doesn't seem to quite line up. >> reporter: listen to this newly-released raw video from "the wall street journal" live. some say you can hear beyonce's voice, along with the backing track. ♪ what so proudly we held >> reporter: compared to this that was broadcast. ♪ last gleaming >> reporter: tom gardener says all the b. backlash is unjustified. how common is that in big performances? >> it's very common. i'm surprised at the backlash because i thought it was understood this was going on. >> reporter: so, i decided to try for myself. i'm so nervous. over a year ago, in what was either one of the most exhilarating or humiliating moments of my career, the "gma weekend" team performed live on broadway, with yours truly at lead vocals. ♪ don't stop believing >> reporte
to that fiscal cliff compromise in washington. but can this huge rally now continue? weekend "gma" anchor, bianna golodryga, watching the markets here to tell us what lies ahead. good morning, bianna. >> reporter: good morning, josh. despite this week's euphoria on wall street, we have plenty of hurdles to jump through before we can hope for any kind of extended rally. the major credit rating agency just warned congress needs to do more to be done to address the deficit. if that doesn't trouble the market, this will. over the next six to eight weeks, lawmakers will have to decide whether to raise the debt limit. and whether to allow huge spending cuts to take place in march. a lot of uncertainty remains. we expect to hear 160,000 jobs were created in december. but that's not going to put a dent in the unemployment rate. >>> now, to some breaking news overseas. a senior taliban commander has been killed in a u.s. drone strike in pakistan. mullah nazir was known for plotting attacks against coalition troops. his death is considered a major blow to the taliban. but it could jeopardize u.s. relations
and before consumers realize they even want it. >> that was abc news reporter bianna reporting. apple could be coming out something knew. the insider reports that the company has filed for a puttent on an unusual new shoe that can tell you when it's time to replace your shoes. >>> the fbi is investigating the possible hacking of a government website. anonymous said it hijacked the u.s. sentencing commission website to avenge the death of aaron schwartz, an internet activist who committed saw side. it was taken over yesterday and replaced with a message, warning, that said, aligned with kroft. they say they copied secret justice department information and they are threatening to make it public. >>> new this morning, construction on california's high-speed rail line is supposed to begin in the san joaquin valley in july. but the state has yet to buy a single acre of land along the proposed route. officials hope to begin making offers over the next several weeks but that would only be the first step. the l.a. times said a convoluted legal problem could allow land owners to delay the project by
want it. >> that was abc news reporter bianna reporting. >> new this morning, construction on the new high-speed rail line is supposed to begin across the san joaquin valley in july. but the state has yet to buy a single acre of land along the proposed route. officials hope to begin making offers over the next several weeks but that would only be the first step. the l.a. times said a convoluted legal problem could allow land owners to delay the project by weeks or months and drive up the cost of the massive project. it's a $68 billion project. high-speed rail officials say it won't be easy, but they can still acquire needed property and begin the project on time. >>> also new this morning, this week volunteers will count how many homeless people are living in santa clara county. this year's homeless census is being held tuesday and wednesday. our media partner, the san jose mercury news, reports outreach workers will visit homelessen campments that appear to have grown since last year. last year the cleaning up of the camps were halted while legal issues were sorted out. a survey in 2
. but the fact that lawmakers reached any agreement sent stocks higher. here's abc's bianna golodryga. [ bell ringing ] >> reporter: if you combine the 300 plus jobs with the additional 166 points for new year's eve, the blue chips had their biggest point gains ever for the last day and first day of any year. >> it was a relief rally, with the deal being done, the markets up as a sigh of relief. >> reporter: all 30 dow jones stocks were up, and more than 90% of the s & p 500. the markets were optimistic that the economy wouldn't fall into recession after congress agreed to a deal that prevented most tax increases and postponed painful government spending cuts for another two months. big name stocks and technology companies, the engines that helped fuel economic growth, did particularly well. >> removing uncertainty like the fiscal cliff, things like the debt ceiling, that's going to help bring things into a clearer focus. and should ultimately help both the economic performance and the performance of everyone's 401(k). >> reporter: that's a relief to 60 million americans invested in 401(k)s.
. and there's some encouraging news. weekend "gma" anchor bianna golodryga here with details. >> the labor department just reported that the economy created 155,000 jobs in december. led by manufacturing and construction. the slight increase from the previous month but not enough to bring down the unemployment rate at 7.r.8%. we're seeing consistent jobs growth. now, there's some encouraging news. last month, everyone was worried about that fiscal cliff in washington and whether their taxes would go up, despite that uncertainty, companies kept hiring. into the new year, we'll see if that holds up. josh? >> a real bellwether. we'll have our eyes on that. >>> a major legal victory for google this morning, after it was accused of unfair bias in its search results. regulators have cleared the company of those claims, saying google is not guilty of antitrust violations. it will be allowed to rank search results in ways that highlight its own services. some 70% of web searches in the u.s. go through google. >>> and nearly two years to the day after being wounded by a gunman herself, former congr
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 57 (some duplicates have been removed)